Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life.

daily repeatSo I have this friend and she like to create ‘traditions’. For example, every Easter with her family she goes down to the same Caravan Park, reserves the same camping spot, stays for the same amount of time and they play the same games. Cute, isn’t it?

But then I have another friend who isn’t into ‘traditions’ but rather likes to keep close to her safety net in life. She has family in Sydney and on her holidays she travels to go stay with them. Normally for a week or so. They do a few ‘touristy’ things but mostly just hang around the house and enjoy family time. Nothing better than spending time with family!

Except, they do this every year. The same thing, with the same people, making the same memories over and over.

the jump
The day i jumped out of a plane in 2007

When I talked to my mum about her past – she would tell me some glorious stories! Night time treks through ancient pyramids in Egypt, Christmas in New York, Meeting Kylie Minogue while bar tending, partying with the Beach Boys, pranks being played on her by her closest friends…and everytime I’d ask her ‘when did that happen?’ she would ALWAYS have an answer. It wouldn’t always be an immediate response….but with one eye squinted, her nose turned up and a sip of her wine she would always be able to tell me the season and the year! Incredible. I’ve always loved that about my mum. Her adventures far and wide and her ability to just drop everything to go with the flow. But as I get older, I’m really starting to realize how rare that incredible trait really is.

Most people I know , like my two friends mentioned above, cling on to whats comfortable and ‘tradition’ so tightly that I think they’re maybe starting to miss out on some of the good stuff life has to offer!

Christmas Day in New York 2013
Christmas Day in New York 2013

Don’t get me wrong – I love tradition! But does tradition really mean that life has to be repetitive? I don’t think life should ever be repetitive! Surely your Easter time camping tradition doesn’t mean that you have to go to the same place every time. How will you ever be able to distinguish each year?

I’d hate to get to my final years and reminisce with my family and say ‘remember when we went camping at that spot down south? Oh wasn’t that great!’ but not really remember which part was great or why it was great…just remembering that we went. That’s not enough for me!

I want to be reminiscing about that time we went camping at Edithburg in 1996 and enjoyed the rock pool, and then Alice springs in 1997 climbing Uluru…oh but you could never forget the complete flop we had when we went complete bush style camping! Memories! They are the whole reason we want to do greatness, see greatness. The present moment only lasts for a split second before it becomes a memory. Let’s make great memories!

White water rafting in Bali 2011
White water rafting in Bali 2011

I’ve recently become a mum, and my life has never been more repetitive as it is now. So I’ve been thinking about this A LOT. What’s my bucket list? I’ve done a lot already, but there is still so much more to be done. The problem is, the world of opportunities greatly reduce when you start a family. You can’t just fly to Vancouver for Christmas, or spend a week hiking in New Zealand. But surely you can meet in the middle, right? I’ve got so many things on my list to achieve, but I thought I would share some idea’s that maybe you could add to your bucket list…

  1. Build a veggie Patch

Tveggieshis is so much easier than what most people think! Surely you can find some dirt around your house. Dig it up, aerate it and build up some garden mulch to put in there. Then next time your out shopping, instead of getting normal veggies get a few organic ones – that way you can use the seeds to grow a whole new plant at your house! Pumpkins, lemons, potatoes…you name it!  Click here for some nifty ideas. Here’s a link for some nifty ideas.

  1. Go on a roadtrip!

road tripI’m actually going on one in two weeks time with my toddler to see some friends interstate. Why? No reason other than we want to see them! We’ll be staying at their house and maybe a hotel on the way there and back. But I have already planned another road trip (shhh the husband doesn’t know yet!) we’ll be going to a gorgeous little township in Victoria next autumn. This town is famous for the amazing colours autumn brings. They’ve got bike riding, picnic areas and whole new little piece of Earth to explore. Checkout some great ideas for Roadtrips in Australia here.

  1. Spend a Public Holiday down at the Beach.

christmasIdeally, something like a Christmas Day or and Australia Day are perfect for the Australian Beach. Atleast once in your life you need to just pack up and have a super casual day enjoying your family! TIP: Find a beach that has a nice picnic area with a BBQ, Tables and bins. That way you can have a little more order when you’re there with everyone and not getting sand all over your food! Need some tips?

  1. Give to the less fortunate.

Angelina Jolie Tours PakistanI’m stealing this idea from my parents. One year they let us pick a Charity to help at Christmas time. I don’t know why we didn’t choose the RSPCA (all of us kids were animal crazy!) but we choose the Salvation Army. Us kids went shopping with mum and worked with a list of families that the Charity gave us. We would make hampers for these families and buy them presents for Christmas, then on Christmas eve we delivered them to each family. That has stuck with me forever!

  1. Start a new hobby!

This happens quite regularly in my house. More often than not, its my husband that gets to start all these new hobbies. This year, although its nothing new for him, he’s really trying to get back into surfing. So my son and I always try and go with him to walk along the beach, watch him surf and try and take photos. We’re making some great memories and are loving the family time.

  1. Redecorate a room/area of the house!

My latest venture was to completely revamp my front lounge-room. Money wasn’t flowing for me to use, so I set myself the challenge of revamping my lounge-room using only the money I gained from selling my old stuff. Worked a treat. All I can say is GUMTREE GUMTREE GUMTREE! You’ve got to be quick for the good stuff! Or instead of a room of the house, re-do an area of the garden. You can grow some amazing things from cuttings. I’m always pinching bits off of plants on my morning walks.

  1. Keep an eye on your local Community events

My local community ALWAYS have events on! Most of the time free, and they’re great. Christmas Carols with fireworks, picnics, even the libraries have a set time everyweek for babies or toddler to come in and have songs and stories read. For all those Adelaidians, check out whats happening here.

  1. Learn a new language.

We’ve all got Google, we’ve all got YouTube. So if you can’t find any lessons in your area you’ve always got it on-line. I’ve already booked in for next February with a friend…we’re learning sign language.

  1. Start a dreambaord.

dreambaordThis isn’t for everybody, but I love this. I’ve used this method, its worked and I will keep adding to my dream board. Please, if you haven’t already, watch the Secret and then make your dream board. Most people think that dream boards are done and dusted once they’ve pinned photos to their board…WRONG! You to opens that may be out of your price range but you’d love to live there anyway. Go! Explore! Imagine and have fun!

10. Travel.

travelThis really should be number 1 and at the top of my list. Once you go and see how big and glorious our world is you wont want to stop! Its amazing out there. Beyond your local Caravan Park, beyond your cousins house there are some amazing adventures just waiting to be had! Go!


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